Smart Chemistry Park ®

SMART CHEMISTRY PARK® is an innovation platform and cluster for start-ups and SMEs delivering solutions to the bio-, and circular economies and cleantech. The innovation platform located in Raisio offers laboratory and office spaces as well as a broad network involving industry, the public sector, universities and research institutes.

The core competence of the companies in Smart Chemistry Park lies in different fields of chemistry. With their unique know-how, the companies deliver products or technology expertise to a wide variety of industrial sectors, for example, the metal, energy, paper & packaging, building, and life science industries. The network also includes consultative companies with essential expertise to complement the value chain with services such as chemical safety and patent engineering. Companies work independently, developing their own technologies and businesses, but in close symbiosis with each other, sharing the infrastructure, equipment and know-how. At the moment 10 companies operate in the Smart Chemistry Park while 60 companies co-operate together in a collaboration network.

Contact us if you are looking for a location for your company or you want to be a part of our innovative cooperation network!

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Smart Chemistry Park is operated by Turku Science Park Ltd