The core competence of the companies in Smart Chemistry Park® lies in different fields of chemistry. With their unique know-how, the companies deliver products or technology expertise to a wide variety of industrial sectors, for example, the metal, energy, paper & packaging, building and life science industries. The Smart Chemistry Park network also includes consultant companies with essential expertise to complement the value chain with services such as chemical safety and patent engineering. Smart Chemistry Park companies are forerunners in their own business sectors.

CH-Bioforce (founded in 2016) is the developer of the best biomass fractionation technology in the world. The technology of CH-Bioforce can fractionate industrial wood chips into its three main constituents; hemicellulose (up to 96% pure), sulfur-free lignin and cellulose (up to 98% pure).

The foundation of the company’s technology lies in a deep understanding of fundamental biomass chemistry. Ingenious chemistry is combined with innovative reactor design and process control. The process has very low OPEX and CAPEX compared to traditional pulp processes. The cellulose fibres can be used as dissolving pulp but also in paper and cardboard production.

CH Polymers

CH-Polymers, established in 2009, supplies high-quality binders for pigment coatings, non-woven and paint & construction industries. CHP binders are used to manufacture technically and commercially highly competitive products. The company provides dynamic and innovative solutions tailored to customer needs with an excellent laboratory and a state-of-the-art production plant.

FP-Pigments specializes in high-performance speciality pigments for a variety of applications. The company’s unique opacity pigments are being used in several different applications around the world.

High-performance speciality pigment products have unique characteristics, which allow them to substitute conventional pigments with high value-added effect. FP-Pigments’ products can be used to improve the environmental profile of the end product by lowering its carbon footprint. The company’s portfolio includes product applications for paints and coatings, paper and board, plastics, printing inks and other pigment consuming industries


Chementors Ltd. helps companies navigate in the jungle of laws concerning chemical safety. Chementors’ service includes a comprehensive approach: we deal with every possible routine concerning chemical safety.

Chementors is a global company uniting the world in the field of chemical safety. Due to globalization and the GHS system behind different chemical legislations, Chementors’ operations are not limited to one segment or country market area. Chementors offers services on a turnkey basis. The company does everything possible to assist the customer to meet different increasingly demanding challenges regarding chemical and environmental safety.

Fortum logo

CrisolteQ Ltd. was founded in 2005. It is a multi-substance reclamation service company. CrisolteQ utilizes valuable ingredients from lateral flows of primarily the metallurgical and chemical industries and recovers these into value-added products.

CrisolteQ is moving into becoming a major industrial operator within the Finnish circular economy. Metal resources like nickel, chromium and iron can be recovered from large sidestreams thus creating products for recycling and new high-tech materials. Crisolteq is part of Fortum Corporation.


Founded in 2012, Montisera is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its own and partners’ product platforms in a broad range of disease areas. Montisera utilizes a novel drug development strategy, emphasizing the power of cooperation between drug development companies, biotechnology companies, academia, individual scientists and investors.

Montisera takes full advantage of bioactive molecules. The best assets of Finnish universities and research institutes turn into active development projects and business cases, ending into pharmaceuticals along with the bioeconomy based active molecules and natural products. In the current Pipeline Montisera has a novel US and EPO patented compound for treating dependency disorders, like alcoholism; and another compound, a patented extract from spruce, for the treatment and prevention of lower urinary tract diseases.

Instead of being just a virtual discovery company, Montisera was born as an empowering discovery company. It operates in a virtual, agile way by sourcing its innovations mostly from the Finnish academia and research institutes. Thus investments in their own labs or extensive staff are avoided. A lean organization enables fast management decisions and relationships with investors and asset buyers are based on rewarding models and partnership.


Nanol® Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Finland. The company develops and produces nanotechnology-based lube oil additives. The name Nanol® reflects the highlight of lubrication technology – building a nano-thin film on the active friction surfaces for friction and wear reduction.

The company’s mission is to provide solutions that enable reduction of fuel and oil consumption, together with prolongation of the lifetime of key engine and machine components. An innovative and patent-protected lubricant additive forms a protective, self-repairing nano-thin film only on friction surfaces.

All products are based on an innovative technology platform which delivers unique engine performance benefits through reduced friction and wear. For almost any mechanical equipment, these benefits include higher operational and energy efficiency, longer lifetime of components and less harmful emissions.

Preclin Apps Ltd

PreclinApps Ltd is a medical technology company focused on developing and commercializing products for preclinical drug discovery markets.

Company’s key products are polymer-based and long-term drug delivery systems, designed for preclinical animal research and veterinary medication. Polymer technology enables stable drug release from weeks to several months and concomitantly helps to better implement the 3R ethical principles in animal work. The company’s broad expertise in drug development, preclinical research and medical technology helps other companies to develop clinically predictive high-quality research models at a lower cost.


ReBio Technologies is a biomedical company with a mission to create impactful improvements to high-value medical products through the optimisation of drug release profiles. We target indication areas where existing products are not optimal and can be improved upon with better clinical outcomes.

We have one of the most experienced team of polymer formulators in the world and located in our R&D centres in Finland and the UK, where we also have a dedicated medical-grade biopolymer manufacturing facility.

Our polymer gel-based technology platform SISUTM enables us to tailor and enhance the release profile and duration of long-acting injectable small molecule and biomolecule drugs from a week to months.


Finnpatent Oy is a patent agency of two experienced patent attorneys. The predecessor of Finnpatent Oy is Finnish Patent Engineer Service Oy, founded in 2012. The Finnpatent Oy attorneys are authorized Finnish patent attorneys and European patent attorneys with a solid track record in handling IPR affairs of companies of all sizes and at different stages of development, as well as those of private inventors.