Smart Chemistry ParkĀ® is located next to the city of Turku in the city of Raisio. You will find us at the production site of Raisio, Inc. Visiting address: Raisionkaari 55, 21200 Raisio (on the map).

Smart Chemistry Park offers office and laboratory spaces and the possibility to pilot and expand production to an industrial scale.

Raisionkaaren Teollisuuspuisto Ltd. is in charge of the rental of the facilities. Smart Chemistry Park is the operator and often the first contact when aiming to locate to the park.

Contact us, if you are interested to join our network!

Smart Chemistry Park is located in Raisio at the premises of Raisio Group.
Entrance to the Smart Chemistry Park
Smart Chemistry Park is located in the production premises of Raisio Group.
Smart Chemistry Park offers laboratory and office spaces