Straw to Bio-Cycle event

Monday November 20th, 2023, 16:00-19:00, Smart Chemistry Park, Raisio Sign up here The future holds immense possibilities, and one promising area is the high-value processing of straw. Traditionally used for bedding and growth substrates, straw has the potential to unlock a more sustainable future, serving as a key resource for industries like cosmetics and textiles. … Continued

New circular economy products for construction from the large industries in Pargas

The large industrial companies located in Pargas – Finnsementti, Nordkalk, Paroc and Saint-Gobain Finland – constantly develop new circular products. Some are created in co-operation within the 3C cluster, which promotes circular economy processes in construction in the Turku region. The group of construction material companies in Pargas has grown around Nordkalk’s limestone quarry. The … Continued

BioDemo – Demonstrating the Value Chains of a New Field of Industry

The main goal of the BioDemo project, started in August 2022, is to contribute to the development of bio and circular economy business operations on an industrial scale in the Turku region. In the project, companies are brought together and the functionality of 2-3 value chains between bio and circular economy actors are built and … Continued

Taxonomy Thursday webinar sparks interest

The webinar series ”Taksonomiatorstai”, i.e. “Taxonomy Thursday”, launched in autumn 2022, gathers more and more listeners online every month. The Taxonomy Thursday webinars are currently held only in Finnish, but who knows, perhaps one day they will also be introduced in English. If you are able to follow along spoken Finnish presentations and EU taxonomy … Continued

Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio – a unique ecosystem of businesses

Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio is a regionally significant ecosystem of businesses in the field of bio- and circular economy. Representatives from Business Finland paid a visit to this entity which is unique on a national and even on international level. Turku Science Park Ltd. started Smart Chemistry Park in 2015. Turku Science Park identified … Continued

Montinutra, operating in Smart Chemistry Park, receives capital investment

Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring Ltd has made an equity investment in Montinutra Ltd, a startup converting forest industry side streams into high-value bioactive products. The financing round totals approximately EUR 1 million, and Metsä Spring is participating in the round with current and new private investors. Montinutra operates in Smart Chemistry Park. Smart … Continued

The CircVol co-operation promoted earthworks based on circular economy

The CircVol project, which began in the autumn of 2018, came to a close at the end of 2020. The project promoted the re-use of high-volume by-products and material masses, especially in the regions of Helsinki, Turku and Oulu. – Great land masses and by-products born out of industrial production and their proper utilisation in … Continued

Apply for Global Bio-based Business Plan Competition

A Global Biobased Business Plan Competition, GBiB, has been launched in Finland and organised by the Turku Science Park Ltd. with the aim of producing new and innovative bio-based products and stimulating entrepreneurship in Universities! The challenge is to design a business idea based on the development of a sustainable, bio-renewable product such as biofuels, … Continued

CH-Bioforce transforms waste streams into high-value materials

CH-Bioforce Oy has developed internationally ground-breaking technology for biomass fractionation. This innovation from Finland raises material efficiency from less than 50% to over 90% and is suitable for multiple applications. Keep reading to find out how they do it, and what their plans are! Finland is known for its sustainable innovations and especially start-ups that … Continued

Circular Materials and Solutions for Construction Clusters starts – Turku Science Park coordinates, Nordkalk as frontrunner company

The newly established Circular Materials and Solutions for Construction Cluster (3C), which focuses on the circular economy of construction and is coordinated by Turku Science Park Ltd., brings together parties operating at different stages of the construction value chain. The cluster strives to find business models and operating methods that can accelerate the transition of … Continued

Metgen to renew industry through enzymes

MetGen is an international biotechnology and cleantech company, whose business is focused on designing and manufacturing industrial enzymes as well as licensing technologies. The company aims at enabling the comprehensive and profitable use of industrial lignocellulose-based materials. With the help of enzymes tailored by the company, industrial processes can be accelerated, achieving significant savings in … Continued

Apply for European bioeconomy projects

Bioeconomy uses renewable natural resources to produce food, energy, products and services. It`s a key solution for creating a sustainable economy as well as a low carbon and resource-efficient society. Bioeconomy decreases the use of non-renewable resources and creates sustainable economic growth. The BiOPEN project opens doors to European bioeconomy projects. New projects in bioeconomy … Continued

Montinutra Ltd’s R&D department to be located in Smart Chemistry Park

The bioactive compound development company Montisera, whose products are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, has set up a subsidiary production company called Montinutra Ltd. The research and development department of the new company will be located in Smart Chemistry Park, while there are plans of establishing a production plant in Kuhmo. Montinutra’s range … Continued

International partner for development and commercialising innovations

Nordic Catalyst has joined the collaboration network of Smart Chemistry Park. The company offers consulting services for the optimization of organizational innovation processes and for the development and commercialization of new technologies in the chemical and life-science sectors. Nordic Catalyst is located in Vienna, Austria, and it was founded by Saara Inkinen, who completed her doctoral … Continued

ReBio Techologies will join Smart Chemistry Park

ReBio Technologies, a company developing long-acting injections for chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, started operating from the Smart Chemistry Park at the beginning of May. The company rented a large laboratory for product development. Smart Chemistry Park has been abuzz since the park’s newest inhabitant, ReBio Technologies, has moved to an empty laboratory … Continued

Growth inspired by the right people

Nanol Technologies that manufactures an additive for lubricants is aiming for the international market with a new 1,5 million euros funding and a new managing director. The startup company Nanol Technologies manufactures an additive that reduces friction and wear for lubricants used in various mechanical equipment. According to studies, nearly a quarter of an engine’s … Continued

International bioeconomy and circular economy event to be held in Turku in May

The first SmartCHEM Summit, an international event focused on bioeconomy and circular economy, will be held in Turku, Finland in May 2018. The visiting lecturers of the summit include speakers from forerunner and startup companies of the bioeconomy and circular economy industry, as well as international guests. The summit is a part of the largest … Continued

New material from recycled polystyrene

PS-Processing was established in 2011 when Sulotek, a waste management company processing polystyrene, recognised the potential of reusing polystyrene. Now the company from Laitila, whose business involves the processing of raw material from recycled polystyrene, is expanding its business to Smart Chemistry Park. The company sees potential in this sector despite the new fibre-based packaging … Continued

Future bioproducts are already produced in Raisio

Sustainable development is based on the wise use of resources. Oil-based products are disappearing as green products hit the markets. While oil is still a strong competitor due to its low price, new bio-based products are constantly entering the market. The government`s bioeconomy objectives are increasingly pushing companies to replace oil-based products with bio-based ones. Smart … Continued

A company specialised in water treatment joins Smart Chemistry Park

Smart Chemistry Park welcomed a new company when Aeromatic Oy, an international expert office specialised in environmental technology and water treatment, moved into the Raisio facilities. Pekka Vieno, Managing Director of a one-man company, who is sometimes also known as the ‘water supply master,’ longed for a work community to enrich the everyday business of … Continued