New material from recycled polystyrene

PS-Processing was established in 2011 when Sulotek, a waste management company processing polystyrene, recognised the potential of reusing polystyrene. Now the company from Laitila, whose business involves the processing of raw material from recycled polystyrene, is expanding its business to Smart Chemistry Park. The company sees potential in this sector despite the new fibre-based packaging innovations.

The core business of PS-Processing is the collection and processing of polystyrene. The raw material in question primarily comes from fish boxes made of polystyrene, which the company collects and processes into reusable material.

CEO Jarno Helistölä and Jeri Sorri were looking for a new hall area in Raisio.

“Alternatively, as a lightweight material polystyrene comes with low waste fees and can be discarded along with energy waste. Nevertheless, polystyrene takes up a lot of space in storage. Companies based on green values and struggling with polystyrene are concerned about CO2 emissions and prefers to recycle polystyrene,” says Jarno Helistölä as he describes the business idea of the company.

The new hall area was found from Smart Chemistry Park

The mobile collecting and processing service developed by the company is cost-efficient, as the polystyrene can be packed into half the normal space. Last year the company processed altogether about 300 tonnes of polystyrene, which is currently sold mainly to European plastic companies.

The hall area in Raisio is going to be a collection point for polystyrene, as numerous raw material suppliers can be found in the Turku region. The company sees growth opportunities in both the raw material and process development sectors.

“Polystyrene could be refined further by granulating it into plastic grains. It is broadly used in the electronic and building industries, where larger volumes are possible. Perhaps in the future, recycling points can also feature a spot for polystyrene,” Helistölä and Jeri Sorri ponder.

Text and picture, Annika Myrsky