ReBio Techologies will join Smart Chemistry Park

ReBio Technologies, a company developing long-acting injections for chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, started operating from the Smart Chemistry Park at the beginning of May. The company rented a large laboratory for product development.

Smart Chemistry Park has been abuzz since the park’s newest inhabitant, ReBio Technologies, has moved to an empty laboratory space. The community of small companies inspired the start-up company to move to Raisio. ReBio’s CEO, Harri Jukarainen, is also involved in another Smart Chemistry Park company: PreclinApps, which produces products for the pre-clinical medicine market.

”The hardest part of the start-up phase is to focus on what’s essential, and not to spread out too much. We were drawn to the good premises and the community of companies in Smart Chemistry Park. We can find useful synergy and expertise from the next room,” Jukarainen says.

ReBio`s CEO Harri Jukarainen is happy with new laboratory spaces in Smart Chemistry Park.

ReBio was founded 2.5 years ago, and its product development has been successful, as its first patent application for treating type 2 diabetes was submitted last year. ReBio’s parent company is located in Hong Kong, and they have a plant in the United Kingdom producing biodegradable polymers for formulation and the production of polymers for medical device.

”We use the polymers to formulate a medical product that solidifies when injected subcutaneously and transforms into a soft depot that releases the medicine evenly into the human system. Chronic diseases that require long-acting treatments are constantly increasing. CNS (Central Nervous System) diseases, such as mood disorders, schizophrenia and epilepsy, as well as the endemic treatments of cancer and the treatments of obesity, offer new opportunities for the medicine formulation we have developed,” says Jukarainen.

ReBio’s pharmaceutical product development takes place in Finland, as will their production, later. In addition to Jukarainen, the company employs two researchers in Finland and 15 people in the UK. They will be needing new employees once the new customer acquisition and sales start properly.

More information:

Harri Jukarainen, ReBio Technologies,, +358 50 363 9496