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Bioeconomy uses renewable natural resources to produce food, energy, products and services. It`s a key solution for creating a sustainable economy as well as a low carbon and resource-efficient society. Bioeconomy decreases the use of non-renewable resources and creates sustainable economic growth. The BiOPEN project opens doors to European bioeconomy projects.

New projects in bioeconomy

The BiOPEN project, funded by the European Union, brings together project ideas and partners in bioeconomy. The mission of the project is to form multinational projects and support conspicuousness of bioeconomy in Europe. The BiOPEN website collects European funding programmes and project ideas to apply for. In addition, people can have their own project ideas be published on the website and find project partners through the site.

Olof Malmström brings companies to the European bioeconomy projects.

“The BiOPEN project provides a channel to bioeconomy companies in different European countries. Through this broad network you can find project collaboration partners to product development and innovation projects. In addition, projects funded by the European Union often require project partners from different European countries, so the platform is also efficient for formulating project consortiums,” says Olof Malmström from Turku Science Park Ltd.

European bioeconomy

Finland and Europe are expecting growth from bioeconomy. It`s estimated that the value of bioeconomy in Europe is currently about 2.2 trillion euros, and it employs about 18.6 million people.* Europe’s bioeconomy strategy is one of the main projects of the European Union. It improves and increases the sustainable use of renewable natural resources in order to slow down climate change.

The three main objectives are: increasing and strengthening bio-based industries, speeding up the possibilities of bioeconomy everywhere in Europe and understanding the ecological boundaries of bioeconomy. To reach these goals, the European Commission has decided upon appropriate steps and will invest 100 million euros in the project.

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