Straw to Bio-Cycle event

Monday November 20th, 2023, 16:00-19:00, Smart Chemistry Park, Raisio

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The future holds immense possibilities, and one promising area is the high-value processing of straw. Traditionally used for bedding and growth substrates, straw has the potential to unlock a more sustainable future, serving as a key resource for industries like cosmetics and textiles. This higher-value processing creates fresh opportunities for our agricultural community and benefits the environment, economy, and society at large. As consumers increasingly demand sustainable products, the need for eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives is growing.

Straw to Bio-Cycle

The “Straw to Bio-Cycle” event will be held at the end of November in Raisio, at Smart Chemistry Park. You’ll have the chance to hear insights from farmers, straw contractors, and learn about CH-Bioforce Ltd.’s vision for the high-value utilization of this future raw material, as well as insights from Ecococon Nordic about using straw as a construction material. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to visit CH-Bioforce’s pilot plant and delve into Turku Distillery‘s operations. This event is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, share information, and network with those who share a keen interest in the future possibilities of straw. We understand that the collection of straw can be a challenging task, often balancing economic benefits and risks. “Straw to Bio-Cycle” encourages exploring innovative uses of straw and sharing best practices for harvesting and processing.

Join us in the discussions and get inspired by the potential of straw as a resource for the future. Let’s make a difference together!

N.B. The event will be held mainly in Finnish.  

For more information about the event, feel free to contact Ida Forssell-Martikainen.

The “Straw to Bio-Cycle” event is organized in collaboration as part of the BioDemo (TScP-ÅA-TUAS), “Towards the Future” (MTK Varsinais-Suomi), and “Agent of Change for the Future” (MTK Satakunta) projects. In the BioDemo project, new industrial value chains are demonstrated. The project’s goal is to promote the development of industrial-scale businesses in line with the principles of bioeconomy and circular economy in the Turku region. MTK Varsinais-Suomi’s main objective in the “Towards the Future” project is to support and prepare farmers to anticipate and respond to changes in their operating environment. MTK Satakunta’s “Agent of Change for the Future” project aims to support and prepare farmers and their stakeholders in an evolving operating environment. The project seeks to enhance farmers’ ability to adapt to changes, promote foresight, and increase the visibility of farmers and agriculture.