A company specialised in water treatment joins Smart Chemistry Park

Smart Chemistry Park welcomed a new company when Aeromatic Oy, an international expert office specialised in environmental technology and water treatment, moved into the Raisio facilities.

Pekka Vieno, Managing Director of Aeromatic Oy, got the opportunity to test the Smart Chemistry Park game in Raisio.

Pekka Vieno, Managing Director of a one-man company, who is sometimes also known as the ‘water supply master,’ longed for a work community to enrich the everyday business of an independent entrepreneur, which was eventually found from Smart Chemistry Park. In addition to office space, a decisive factor in the decision to move was a willingness to belong to the Smart Chemistry Park network that lends support for the growth and development of small companies.

“I remembered the news about the establishment of Smart Chemistry Park and contacted Turku Science Park Ltd. Suitable office space happened to be vacant, where the company has operated since the beginning of September,” says Vieno.

Aeromatic develops control systems for the automation of the water treatment process. The company’s main product is a control system aimed at wastewater treatment plants. The water that comes to wastewater treatment plants contains nitrogen, which is removed by means of aeration, i.e. by blowing air into the water in the biological purification stage. The company’s control system enhances the removal of nitrogen from water and reduces the consumption of energy. However, the amount of nitrogen in water is not constant but varies according to peoples’ circadian rhythm. Aeromatic’s control system measures the amount of nitrogen present in aeration in real time, making it possible to control the amount of blown air very accurately.

The company’s clientele mainly consists of private and public water treatment plants. Launched in 2015, the control system was awarded as an innovation that improves the state of the sea in the Baltic Sea Project’s contest arranged by Ålandsbanken. The system is currently used in all four lines of the Kakola wastewater treatment plant, for example.

Text and pictures, Annika Myrsky