International partner for development and commercialising innovations

Nordic Catalyst has joined the collaboration network of Smart Chemistry Park. The company offers consulting services for the optimization of organizational innovation processes and for the development and commercialization of new technologies in the chemical and life-science sectors.

Nordic Catalyst is located in Vienna, Austria, and it was founded by Saara Inkinen, who completed her doctoral studies in polymer technology at Åbo Akademi University in 2011. Inkinen is originally specialized in polymer technology and she has worked with for example biopolymers, industrial adhesives, and packaging materials during her research career. She has since functioned in several positions related to IP management and technology transfer in the Finland, Austria and the US, and she also knows the Turku region and its innovation ecosystem very well. Inkinen visited Smart Chemistry Park in August, and the next visit has been scheduled for the beginning of December.

Saara Inkinen (on right) is excited about the new collaboration with Smart Chemistry Park.

”The mission of Nordic Catalyst is to facilitate the economic and societal utilization of scientific inventions and to help develop related organizational processes. I collaborate with both companies and research institutions, and utilizing my extensive international contact network has an essential role in my work. I am very excited about the collaboration with Smart Chemistry Park since its working model and member companies are unique,” says Inkinen.

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